Gary Busey(isms) in a Widget

August 28, 2008 at 9:48 am Leave a comment

If the future of viral marketing takes the form of a widget I was recently informed about titled, Gary Busey on Business, then please take me back to the days when print, radio and TV ads were king. The widget, part of a viral marketing campaign for VOIP small business provider GotVMail, points to a larger trend in online celebrity endorsements, while leveraging SplashCast’s widget platform.

With a half-nod to the Chuck Norrisisms that spread faster across the net than a jar of Skippy, the former Buddy Holly impersonator seems to be getting the first and last laugh, which seems to elude his audience.  Designed by social media agency StepChange Group, with the exception of a GotVMail song, Gary Busy doesn’t overtly promote the sponsor, as try to create a viral sensation.  The affect, however, is that of a forced, poorly delivered diatribe on all things Busey.  All that’s needed is a laugh track, because no one is dumb enough to actually laugh at Busey’s monologues.

For all Busey fans in Web 2.0 land, and I’m not sure if anyone fits within this category, after seeing this material, then the widget is a perfect way to get a daily dose of the big toothed man himself.  And, if by chance, GotVMail were to get some additional phone business as a result, then who can argue with the new face of interactive marketing.  But, if a Busey makes a noise in the forrest and no one installs it, then is it a successful social media campaign, or just another asshole sounding off in the digital ether.

Gary Busey spuing his business acumen

Gary Busey spuing his business acumen


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