About Me

rich.jpgRichard J. Krueger (email)

Recognized as a serial entrepreneur with extensive business development, branding, public relations, technical product development and business management experience, Richard has a successful track record in leading the business strategies on behalf of social media and interactive entertainment companies. He has served as founder, CMO, and part of the original management teams of companies that brought true innovation in the areas of broadband infrastructure, content syndication, social media, mobile entertainment, online gaming and local search.

Richard is presently Co-Founder and CEO of  AboutFace Digital, a social media marketing agency focused on Facebook as a network for acquiring customers, building brand and driving sales.

Entrepreneurial Activity

I am presently involved in the development, management, and marketing of the following companies:

Kasparov Chess Foundation – Oversee marketing and business development for World Chess Champion Garry Kasparov’s non-profit educational Foundation.
Palavon, Inc. – Co-founder and Chief Marketing Officer of disruptive VOIP service, offering Virtual PBX, automated IVR and Click-to-Call managed/hosted services.
SamePoint – Co-founder and CEO of unified communications platform presently under development.
Secure Dollar – Co-founder of secure digital signature provider serving the online gaming market.
TellByCell – Mobile gateway provider offering reliable delivery over SMS, MMS and other mobile applications to the handset with an intuitive web interface for mobile marketers, advertising agencies and entertainment properties.

15 Minutes of Fame

Kasparov vs. Sting and his band (2000) – Oversaw Time Square simul chess event between legendary recording artist Sting and band vs. world chess champion Garry Kasparov.

Pathfinder.com (1995) – Served as spokesperson for Time Inc.’s Pathfinder portal.

LocalEyes.com (1997 – 1998) – Served as Marketing Dir. For first geo-topical search engine, acquired by AOL.

Word.com (1998 – 1999) – Oversaw advertising/sponsorship sales for critically-acclaimed ezine.

Boonty.com (2005) –Served as CMO for leading casual games download service.

Synclavier Launch (1987) – Responsible for launching the Synclavier digital audio workstation.

Sony USA (1990 – 1992) – Oversaw public relations for Sony USA, while serving at top-ten PR agency Golin Harris.


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  • 2. Adam  |  January 15, 2008 at 11:07 pm

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