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BuiltWith Widget – How Could We Live Without

For our first widget review, we thought it only fitting to review the BuiltWith widget, by developer Garazy. A widget that “Lists what your blog is built with. Shows if you are using analytics, frameworks, blogs etc.” was too good to pass up.

And, it did live up to expectations. We added the widget via distributor WidgetBox, which provided a user-friendly way to install the widget onto a variety of platforms. We chose to post to our iGoogle page, which once account id/password were provided, was quick and seemless.

Technically, a Google Gadget, the horizontal box magically appeared on top of my iGoogle start page upon my next visit. The builtwith service proved to be a powerful resource in analyzing web sites. It also offers a rating based on 1 – 5 stars for technical implementation. Not really sure how this ranking is derived, but given that it had rated this site a 4 out of 5, I was impressed with its insight and uncanny accuracy.

The site reviews four key aspects of a site’s architecture, including: analytics, frameworks, syndication and document formatting. In-depth analysis for each is provided on the web site. Site traffic analysis is provided by The service was helpful in reviewing competitive web sites, providing meta key words, identifying technologies such as Flash or Java, and traffic analysis.

The only drawback was that the search and results are performed not via the widget, but rather on the web site. In the iGoogle Gadget case, the widget simply served as a link back to

I could see this being of more value as a FireFox plug-in, providing the same data in a drop down window or more transparent way than having to refer back to the builtwith web site.

The service also offers a more comprehensive report that site owners can order, but with a 4 out of 5 rating, I didn’t want to press my luck. If you’re a web developer, reviewer or online marketer, the BuiltWith widget and service could be a valuable resource for you.

Click here to download the BuiltWith Widget.


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