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Widget A Day Manifesto

We hope to provide our readers with insightful, carefully-crafted reviews of the latest embeddable applications, known as “widgets.” Whether it be on the desktop, FaceBook, Google, Yahoo, CellTop, or wherever the next great platform may take us, if it’s an app., it’s fair game for our reviewers.

Widget reviews, like most modern forms of critique, bring into question the role of the reviewer. Is it the critics role to simply distinguish the good from the bad? Or does the reviewer have an obligation to the reader (not to mention the subject matter) to present ways in which to improve the performance, functionality and overall usefulness of that which is being reviewed?

To clarify our position, we’ve put forth the following 20, make that 10 Commandments of Widget Reviews we shall strive to uphold:

  1. In the spirit of “openness,” anyone can add a comment. Clarification, anyone who is intelligent enough to register as a Widget A Day member.
  2. We shall personally install and evaluate all software extensively before posting a review.
  3. We shall seek out the unusual, entertaining, or useful and when we exhaust those, we’ll bring you the boring, time-wasting and useless.
  4. We will never except a money bribe in exchange for a positive review. However, we can be tempted by vacations, Apple products and quantities of premium liquor.
  5. Our analysis will be totally subjective and based on our reviewers own experiences, observations and viewpoints.
  6. We will always read our members comments and respond when appropriate, either by email, within comments, or both.
  7. We shall always try to articulate using non-technical jargon, free from the overhyped buzz words du jour.
  8. Our reviews will provide links to download the application and credit the developer.
  9. We shall disclose any associations or affiliations that could present a conflict of interest in terms of objectivity.
  10. Above all, we will be truthful. If a widget sucks, we will call it like we see it.

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